Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



When you access our site your navigation will be safe from viruses. As you navigate it, you can download photos of our products, and take advantage of all infrastructure provided by our new site. You may also visualize a warning message from your navigator, informing that there are unsafe items on our site. This means your navigator has identified an image which was produced and not encrypted, however, your computer was not "infected". Most of the time, those images are banners, illustrations, links and pop-ups, which are intentionally not encrypted to enable fast and easy access to the page you are navigating on–and because encryption is not required either. If the message comes up, just click on the "continue" button, you will be directed to the site via "https", and the connection will continue to be safe, even in the presence of those unencrypted items. Thus you may resume your visit to our shop, completely secure.

We are committed to the safety of your personal information, taking all the precautions to protect it against loss, alteration or illegal use.

Privacy Policy

It is in our best interest to ensure the privacy of our clients, and the secrecy of the information provided through the site, not disclosing it to others or using it for other purposes. As we deem our client one of the key elements of our success, ethics and transparency towards them are essential values in the performance of our businesses.

Personal Information Collection

The personal information on site will not be disclosed or sold to other companies. We just collect personal data when the client, willingly, provides us with it.

The company may request the information from the client for several reasons, such as:

• service orders or documents to be sent;

• personal records (if a client);

• contacting us to request information on the company or product;

• registering to receive promotions and site news by e-mail;

• sending résumé or application to work with us;

• participating in satisfaction or opinion surveys;

Other information collected

Generic information gathered from a group of users may be collected for statistic purposes by the company, such as the average number of pages visited by the client or the most popular pages on the site. We use these data to assess the effectiveness of our site. No personal information is collected in such a case.

Use of cookies

Cookies are fragmented information that the web site transfers to your computer in order to identify you, and keep a record whenever you visit our Internet page.

This technology per se does not identify users, but the access origin. However, if you do not wish to receive cookies, you may block them by accessing the Internet properties on your computer, since we do not intend to invade your privacy. The use of this resource is restricted to transactions done during your time on our site, and with the specific purpose of identifying your navigation.

How the information is used

Our company uses the personal information to better satisfy our clients’ needs, and thus render better services. The personal information is specifically used to:

• identify our partners and clients;

• meet all of the clients’ requests;

• send newsletters and information which concern the client via mail or e-mail;

• do internal planning or research;

Use of information by other companies

We will only relay personal data to other companies when:

• the client allows us to do so;

• we need to relay the data due to specific requests;

• we need to relay the data to check personal records and get bank approvals;

• we are required by law to relay the information;

Direct Mail cancellation

The registration of e-mail is done so that the client will get personalized news from our company. This means that, by providing such information, you will be allowing us to send direct mail to your e-mail. If you wish to cancel this service, you just have to request the exclusion of your name from our records at any time by clicking on the link in the e-mail received.

The Privacy Policy is subject to changes whenever necessary. We will publish all of the changes on our site.