Interpretation & Modalities

Interpretation & Modalities

Survival Languages & Translations takes care of your necessity of interpretation in all of the modalities for different necessities, where it be a simple business-oriented meeting, or big events such as conferences and fairs.

Choose the modality that takes care of your necessity:

Simultaneous interpretation occurs parallel to the lecturer’s speech and is transmitted through radio waves to the public. It is designated for conferences, interviews, courses and can be transmitted in more than one language.

Communicate adequately with your public at fairs or events contracting our bilingual or trilingual professionals to accompany you during your commitment, whether at presentations or expositions.

Clarity and good understanding are fundamental for a successful negotiation. Make use of our services to assist you in communication and exchange of information at this crucial moment for the conclusion of your deal.

Survival Languages & Translations counts on a team of professionals specialized in Simultaneous Interpretation in English and Spanish language. Counting on partnerships of extreme trust, we offer to all the equipment for your event; booths, microphones, headphones, transmitting radios, as well as the services of the technical support team and receptionists that remain all in the place during the event.

Survival Languages & Translations has professionals with great experience in video and tele-conferences.

German, Spanish, French, Dutch, English, Italian and Portuguese, among others.

Equipment for simultaneous translation and Sound equipment:

Sound Table, wireless transmitter, amplifier, wireless receiver, speakers, earphones, lapel microphone, wireless or wired microphone, screen, lights, etc.

To make your event stand out, we have adequate video and multimedia equipment for all types of events: High Resolution Multimedia Projectors, Videocassette, Betacam Video, Multisystem Video, Slide Projector, Overhead Projector, 70' to 200' Screens, etc...